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Learn Ballet from the best international ballet trainers. Your leisure time will no longer be lazy! Invest in a hobby that keeps you fit and happy. Ballet is one of the most graceful dance forms. No matter what age you are, our trainers’ simple yet elegant choreography will suit you perfectly. Slowly and steadily, our trainers will help you learn all the correct forms and techniques of ballet dance. Combined with long narratives and dramatic visuals, you are going to love your ballet performance soon!

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a fusion dance fitting in various street dance styles into hip hop music. Learn from the best international hip-hop artists. Start with the easiest breaking, locking, and popping choreography and progress to the toughest ones. Practice the perfectly choreographed hip hop style dance and perform with ease. If you love pop music and want to make use of your free time, then take these hip-hop classes fast! And surprise your friends with your newly learned skill!


Contemporary is a broad genre of dance that incorporates facets from different dance styles. It is vastly popular among formally trained dancers throughout the world. A perfect combination of classical ballet and modern dance, contemporary is one of the most beautiful dance forms globally. Cultivate contemporary dance as a hobby and learn abstract and narrative contemporary choreography styles from some of the best artists! Our trainers use various fitness techniques like pilates and yoga along with modern dance styles.


Salsa, originally a Latin dance, was popularised in the ballrooms and nightclubs of the United States. Use your leisure time to learn different Salsa styles from international artists. Around a tempo of 150 to 250 beats per minute, learn to match your rhythm to Salsa music. The well-organized choreography by our trainers will make you ready for any ballroom performance. Surprise your partner with your amazing salsa skills! And who knows, maybe you could teach your partners a few steps as well!

Belly Dance

Belly Dancing is an Arabic expressive dance form originally from Egypt. Learn to use your hip and torso movements to create some marvelous performances. Global belly dancers train and choreograph your moves to practice stunning performances. Always dreamt of learning belly dance? Jump into these excellent classes of belly dancing and invest your leisure time into something fruitful! Our trainers fuse traditional and modern belly dance moves, so you don’t miss out on any fun!


Afro-beats dance is a diverse and delightful dance form that originated from Sub- Saharan Africa. Lose yourself in its vibes rather than being on the couch and watching Netflix in your free time! The energetic beats of Afro music will fill your soul with vibrant energy. Our International trainers will tutor you with some fantastic Afro-beats dance moves. No matter how old you are, the energy of this dance form will match with yours. Just take a break off your life and dive in!

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Perfect Ambience

Perfectly lit and sanitized set up for you to vibe and tap your toes. What are you waiting for?

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Dance your way from worries and set your true self free in this safe space.

Loving Community

Connect with zealots of a fun-loving community spreading happiness via art and dance.

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